Tuesday, 28 November 2017

We Makes Your Event Memorable!!!

A wedding is a celebration, it is not just an event for bride and groom but also an event for the whole family and friends, so it should always be the best and memorable.
It is a misconception that more expense can make the event more beautiful and stand out from others. In the hands of a good wedding planner, you can set a high attention seeking wedding event within the limit of small budgets.

What is wedding planning?

Wedding planning refers to design, plan, manage, and document all the wedding events and gather all the information about performing the wedding.

Who is a wedding planner?

A wedding planner is a professional who assists the client to design, plan, and manage the whole wedding. A wedding planner is a person who is responsible to organize the whole wedding in an organized and lavish manner. A wedding planner is responsible for sourcing and managing wedding suppliers and arranging wedding venues. Melodia event is one of the best wedding planners in Kerala.

What is destination wedding?

A destination wedding is a concept in which wedding is held in the different place. Destination wedding generally needs wedding planner as they are very much aware of other places legal documentation and rules. Melodia events endorse destination wedding in Kerala by arranging all the preparations from invitation cards to Vida. The company also provides good options for luxury resorts, and hotels to perform a wedding.

What services a wedding planner provides?

  • Identify couple and parents wedding needs and desires
  • Prepare budget
  • Design and draft decoration of the wedding
  • Arranging wedding location and venue
  • Photo-shoots
  • Prepare checklist of wedding arrangements
  • Prepare list of guests
  • Contracting service provides and wedding professionals such as suppliers, videographers, florists, photographers, beauticians, buffet and drinks
  • Coordinate all the services/deliveries for wedding purpose
  • Develop a backup plan for any kind of disaster
  • Arrange all the legal documents for wedding
  • Develop Wedding layout such as a location of a dance floor, buffet points, chairs, tables, lounge, etc.
  • Briefing all the wedding suppliers about the wedding time, schedule and work details
  • Coordinating all the wedding events and follow up all the arrangements

Melodia events is a well-known event management company in Thrissur, Kerala. Melodia events provide fantastic options for wedding purposes. The company delivers their services according to the client budget, taste, and preferences. The team of Melodia events is reliable and makes every event spectacular and wonderful.  

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