Monday, 24 October 2016

Encompassing two lives in commendable, adorable and pleasing environment

“Wedding” is a memorable occasion in everyone’s lifetime. The Wedding ceremony is a huge task which should be properly planned to avoid last minute rushing. Preparation of a checklist may be helpful as a part. Despite having such lists one might forget many important items. Instead of involving with such chaos, one shall choose the Best Event Management Company who now also does wedding arrangements. A coordinator is a middleman who acts between the party and outdoor workers.

Melodia Events is a popular Event management company in Kerala and operates in Thrissur, Cochin, and Palakkad. We do from top to bottom arrangements for a wedding once the wedding party books us. Wedding stage decoration always allures the attendees. A list of wedding venues will be provided to the wedding parties and they may choose one of them based on their affordability. Before the wedding, the stage and floors are customized. The decoration will be eye-catching either with traditional flowers or with trendy lighting. Not only the wedding stage, we decorate also the backdrops, the banquet hall, and the reception area.

We do have many florists and decorators who assemble in the wedding hall to do the Wedding Stage decoration. Our decorators have some choices of flowers such as Jasmine that is considered to be auspicious and the garlands are made up of jasmine flowers for both bride and groom. Roses – the loving and lovable petals, smell usually occupies the wedding stage. Marigold – This flower is prominent in an Indian wedding. The combo of gold and white colors always be the first choice for decoration. Chrysanthemum – These several colored flowers mark the signs of joy and happiness. These bright colored flowers always are placed in the wedding hall.

Are you planning to hold a wedding? Don’t worry; we are to support your wedding plans. Wedding Stage decoration in Kerala is done by us at the comfortable charges. Give us a call to discuss your wedding event management.